If you can save just a few bucks a day and invest it, you could become a millionaire – at least eventually. 

When it comes down to it, three ingredients will determine whether you reach that goal 

How much you save, how much you earn on your savings, and how long you allow your savings to grow. 

If you want to reach $1 million, you can adjust each ingredient until  you reach a combination that will hopefully work for you and your  situation. 

Remember to keep your target numbers within reason. 

It's not reasonable to think that you'll be able to save for 120 years and retire at age 138. 

It's also not reasonable to expect 20% annualized returns from your portfolio year in and year out. 

But many people will find that with dedication and consistency, they'll  be able to get to their goal by a typical retirement age. 

Ingredient 1: Saving Finding room in your budget for savings may not be easy. If you're used  to living paycheck to paycheck, you'll have to cut some things in order  to save.

Ingredient 2: Return You will not find a bank account offering 7% interest on your deposits.  To earn those kinds of returns or higher, you will need to invest your  money.

Ingredient 3: Time They say time is money, and in the case of compound growth, that's  absolutely true. If you don't invest your money for long enough, you're  not giving compounding the chance to work its full magic.